A Beamboard is a perpetually running, outdoor, digital projection system, developed by the outdoor advertising company WEDIA Visuelle Großflächenwerbung GmbH - specialists and pioneers in projection advertising.

This new state of the art online adjustable technology projects anything from advertising messages to interactive digital displays, and is available in over twenty WEDIA Beamboards advertising locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We can even arrange animated images and motion picture content at many of our sites, which makes the conception and design of big screen digital advertisements virtually unlimited.

Not only is there total flexibility in designing and structuring your content, but this new technology offers superb image quality.

All WEDIA Beamboards are located on the busiest of streets and in open public spaces. Because of their size, high image quality and constantly moving content, our Beamboards are an instant eye-catcher.

WEDIA Beamboards:
- Highly flexible through online alteration of content
- An unlimited number of advert designs at no extra cost
- Very high definition image quality
- Sites at very busy locations
- Digital screen projections of up to 150 m² (c. 1,615 ft²),
  with the possibility of even larger, temporary display areas